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We would like to showcase our company's capabilities in installing and setting up point-of-sale (POS) systems. With extensive experience in the field, we possess the skills required to ensure smooth operations and maximize transaction efficiency. Here are four POS systems that highlight our expertise.

1. Aloha NCR POS (Table Service): As Information Technology Technicians, we have successfully implemented and set up the Aloha NCR POS system and printers at many restaurants and small businesses including other hardware components like EMV, tap-to-pay, swipe credit card readers, and the KDS (Kitchen Display System).

2. Aloha Cloud (NCR Silver): Our team has gained valuable experience working with Aloha Cloud, also known as NCR Silver, a cloud-based POS system. We have successfully installed and set up this system, leveraging its advanced features and functionalities. Our expertise lies in configuring and setting up Aloha Cloud to meet specific business requirements, ensuring seamless integration with other systems such as PiKS for Kitchen Display Systems, remote printers, customer-facing credit card readers, and displays to receipt printers. With our deep understanding of Aloha Cloud's capabilities, we provide high-level support, troubleshoot many issues, and ensure smooth operations for businesses utilizing this POS system.

3. Micros Res 3700 POS system: Our team is very efficient in installing and setting up this POS system. Our responsibilities include providing high-level installations, setup, and configurations of printers and KDS (Kitchen Display Systems). We also managed IT networking infrastructure, and configured firewalls, VPNs, Wi-Fi, and alarm systems. Additionally, we installed and configured various hardware components, such as credit card readers.

4. Restaurant POS Systems: Our team has developed in-depth knowledge and expertise in restaurant POS systems, including popular ones like NCR Aloha, NCR Silver, Toast, and Micros Res 3700. We have hands-on experience setting up lab environments and configuring POS systems to seamlessly integrate with other restaurant operations, such as back-office (BOH) computer installations.

In summary, our experience covers a wide range of POS systems, including NCR Aloha, NCR Silver, Toast, and Micros Res 3700. We possess proven expertise in installing, setting up, and configuring these systems. With our strong technical skills and ability to collaborate across different functions, we can make significant contributions to the successful installation and setup of POS systems in any organization.

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